Welcome from the Head of School

Nicholas John 


Head of School


Hello and greetings from Boston School International!


No website will ever do justice to what really goes on in a school. We have done our best to allow viewers a glimpse into our unique world here at BSI…


As our slogan states, BSI truly is “a place for everyone, not to fit in, but to stand out”. From the moment you step into the school, there is that special feeling one gets but can’t quite explain. Everyone is smiling and friendly. Whether it be Daniel and Fernando (members of our operational team) being proactive and greeting parents and high-fiving children as they arrive at school every morning, or the enthusiastic calls of “good morning” echoing in the passage ways as young pre-school learners make their way to the cafeteria, or a teacher synergizing with teenagers by imparting vital life skills with them in the first aid co-curricular activity…there is just something very special about our school. And to feel it, one needs to experience it in person.


At BSI we firmly believe that every child can learn. Our team of dedicated educators, our most valued resource, are our unsung heroes who make our school stand out. Included in this esteemed group of professionals are all members of staff from our cafeteria team to ancillary and transport staff to our office administrators. Everyone plays a role in one way or another in the formation of our students. Of course our various “Avant guard” programs such as the IB PYP and DP, the Leader in Me, Mind Lab and emphasis on technology integration, to name a few, play an important role in setting us apart. But the greatest influence in shaping who we are is our human talent. The relationship between students, staff and families is something we are extremely proud of and hold very dear.


We are small school with a big heart and huge plans for the future. Beginning with the end in mind, our vision is to offer the best educational model in Panama. How do we achieve this and what is our road map? We are planning to relocate to a beautiful, state-of-the-art new campus (date to be defined), to be internationally accredited and an IB Continuum school (we are currently authorized to offer the PYP and DP) by 2023. Additionally, we are striving to become a Leader in Me Lighthouse School over the next few years. These are just a few of our aspirations on our improvement path.


Here at BSI, you will not find a more caring community, with dedicated people who are committed to excellence, integrity and solidarity.


If you come and visit, please come say hello, I’d love to meet you! And who knows, you may end up joining our pack!


Warm regards,


Nick Reeves

Head of School