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Welcome to Boston School International’s Secondary School. As an IB school, having achieved our Diploma Program authorization in February 2019, our years of concerted efforts to instill and develop IB Learner Profile qualities and practices in our students and school have been officially recognized. Our curriculum is aimed to meet and surpass the academic and individual demands of the twenty-first century. We refer to self-entrepreneurial (Self-e) learning approaches that we cultivate in students in order to help them understand that they themselves are the fundamental creators of their education. We encourage and support our students not only to become well-rounded, academically proficient individuals, but also artistically refined, athletically adept, and actively involved with their communities.


Our teachers collaborate with each other to synergize with interdisciplinary, complementary topics.  They challenge students to think with creativity and initiative, apply and practice their skills, and showcase learning in different ways. The Leader in Me program permeates our school ethos, integrating with the IB philosophy, empowering our students to be proactive, empathetic, tolerant, and caring.


We look forward to welcoming students to the Secondary School, ready to become co-drivers of their and everyone's BSI experience.  As we make clear, your power for good is great, and it matters!



Head of Secondary



Our middle school program’s aim is not only to prepare students for high school but also hone their leadership skills. They are active learners, who participate in clubs, activities, and much more. The curriculum offers a solid foundation in mathematics (including algebra and geometry) and science. Moreover, they study English, Spanish and Mandarin. Middle schoolers complete courses in social sciences both Panamanian and global, arts, music, and physical education. Technology is also an important part of the program as they develop multiple skills, including the ability to construct and program robots. These young students are talented, committed leaders.




Our high school program´s aim is educating world’s leaders. Our students develop academic, technological, and social skills that will enable them to succeed in college and in life. The science program centers on biology, physics, chemistry, technology, and advanced mathematics; additionally, language and social sciences complete the curriculum. We are currently in the process of authorization for the IB Diploma, which will aid us in achieving our vision. In addition to the three core classes (CAS, TOK, and Extended Essay), the students who enroll in the DP will study Higher Level Math, Higher Level Biology, Higher Level Information Technology in a Global Society, Standard Level Physics, Standard Level Lengua y Literatura, and Standard Level Literature. High schoolers take robotics and programming classes, as well as prepare for their Microsoft certifications. Moreover, they are also engaged in a plethora of extracurricular activities, within and without school. They actively participate in the various clubs, complete hours of volunteer work, and propose activities to improve others’ lives, as the leaders they are.