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Our Primary Years Program (PYP)


The primary section of Boston School International  offer quality education which promotes in students the development of fundamental academic, technological and humanistic competencies. Our commitment is the development of an individual who demonstrates social responsibility, the capacity to assume challenges, and a leadership endeavor which will generate socio cultural, ethical and sustainable progress for the nation.


We will offer an academic proposal which meets the highest standards established by international accreditation institutions. We will continue with the implementation of the Singapore Approach Curriculum for Math, which guarantees consistent and strong emphasis on problem solving and model drawing, with a focus on in-depth understanding of the essential math skills.


Aware of the importance of adapting in a constantly changing technological world, we believe in the teaching of technology as a working tool for the learner to acquire knowledge and further develop his or her competencies. For this reason, besides the acquisition of interactive electronic boards for each of the classroom, as well as their connection to wireless internet, the students will benefit from textbooks and on line resources and practices which will further assist them to reinforce concepts discussed in class.


Mind lab primaryMind Lab, which is a unique and innovative methodology for the development and training of thinking abilities and life skills through strategic games, will be implanted in all primary levels. The purpose is to expose the learner to scenarios which require strategic thinking to arrive at desired outcomes. In the process they will be developing critical, creative and analytical thinking.


The students will be instructed primarily in English. The subjects of Spanish and Social Sciences will be taught in Spanish. We have chosen Mandarin, which is the currently spoken by over one fifth of the global population, to be the third language taught in all electuary levels.


Children are naturally curious and often learn about the world around them through experimentation. Our science courses will provide clear explanation of natural events and expose students to hands on activities to develop problem solving skills and a motivation towards a lifelong interest in the natural world. In fulfillment of our desired learner results, Art will be a fundamental part of our educational proposal. Our focus is for the learners to demonstrate creativity and artistic sensitivity. The learner will be able to appreciate diverse forms of art and to express him or herself through one of its forms. Boston School International Panama has the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate.


In BSI, our primary school department has one of the finest teaching staffs in the nation. Their experience and commitment towards the achievement of the highest educational standards together with their love for teaching makes them our most valuable resource. If you are looking for an international education environment in which your child is going to have the most complete experience, then Boston School International is your best choice...

Welcome to our wolf pack, and remember:

BSI is a place for everyone, NOT to fit in, but to STAND OUT!