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MindLab Boston School international

Knowledge Group has the pleasure to present Mind Lab, a method built on the basis that the most effective way to learn is through an authentic experience that leaves one wanting more. Game-playing is the perfect example of such an experience – it is entertaining and engaging, and therefore stimulates eager involvement. Game-playing also provides fertile ground for the training and application of thinking abilities and life skills, like:


  • Developing awareness of our own thinking processes
  • Identifying links between the game experience and other activities in life
  • Practicing problem-solving strategies, decision-making models, and logical-mathematical thinking

Mind Lab provides a space that acts as an extraordinary simulator of emotional and social processes.

Students at BSI are obliged to deal with situations involving cooperation and competition, success and failure, all within the frame of an enjoyable game match.  It reinforces their ability to effectively manage and control emotions, to defer gratification, and to enhance their perseverance and self-discipline.

The program also provides a fantastic opportunity to display the skills and qualities learned in the classroom: the Mind Lab Olympic Games.  Once a year, teams of students from many schools compete in 4 different categories.