Mrs Kanchan Jethani » Everything you would like to know about me!

Everything you would like to know about me!

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2nd grade, Knowledgeable class.
My name is Kanchan Jethani. I was named Kanchan which means gold, as my dad's name was Kundan which is a precious gem. So gold was needed to enhance the beauty of Kundan in any jewel. I am extremely excited to start this new academic year with our little thinkers.
Introducing myself, I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I completed my schooling in India and then I moved to Hong Kong,  China. In Hong Kong, I worked as a Chief-Accountant for 5 years in a multinational company. I moved to Panama in 2003. Being said, I have been in this beautiful country for nearly 19 years. I have one handsome boy who is in 10th grade and twin girls who are three years and 9 months old.

I obtained my Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance in India. I then moved to Hong Kong, where I was an accountant for 5 years. I later earned my Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics in the English language with a minor in TESOL and a certificate in Management Education. I have been teaching for 11 years, 7 of which were as a homeroom teacher.

I have had the privilege to teach kids from EC/PK up to grade 7. I enjoyed being a homeroom teacher for both the 2nd and 6th grades. 

Quotes I believe in are:

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. - Gautam Buddha
Mathematics may not teach us how to add happiness or how to minus sadness. But it does teach one crucial thing - Every Problem has a solution. 
Best Regards, 
Ms. Kanchan Jethani.