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Welcome Letter

About Me
I like learning languages and I consider myself really good at it, I also like looking for architecture, environmental architecture, interior design, fashion and art in general on Pinterest. I like watching YouTube, for example I like watching vegan mukbangs (people trying foods or reviewing it), relaxing videos, documentaries or vlogs in any of the languages I've started to learn; I love cartoons, animated series and movies too. I’ve never practiced many sports but I once tried aerial silks and liked it a lot so I’m planning on retaking that.

I studied tourism Bachelor at school and worked at some hotels as a receptionist where I learnt how to put in practice my communication and problem solving skills, my client service skills were warm and attentive so I usually left a good impression. I am currently studying French degree and planning to get an interpreter and translator certificate and also to teach the language. I once told a friend that I was planning on being a teacher at some point so she recommended me and I was a teacher’s assistant for a few weeks as a substitute and I liked it a lot so I applied to another school to explode my potential and to immerse myself in a new work environment that I love.
I will always do my best to teach the kids in a calm and understanding way, I always remember when I was a little kid, I took a few things to heart and it affected me how some teachers talked to me too hard or looked at me deadly so even if there's an action made by them that could be seen like too much I will always treat them nicely and rationalize together as long as they are respectful too, that's how all of us should try to treat each other.