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Welcome BSI Parents!

BSI Parents Lighthouse team




Who we are...


We are a group of parents committed to support the development of the school in benefit of the students.


The parent lighthouse team was created to:

  • Promote the BSI community
  • We are the voice of the parents
  • Communicate and listen
  • Help educational process and coexistence of our children
Get to know us
Community Life
We have established several committees that parents can join and be part of our BSI Community Life.
  • Community support
  • Parent support
  • Sport & Culture
  • Talks + Student Life
  • Bond with BSI Team
  • Operational + Logistical support
Our Committees
Parent Lighthouse Team
Our team is composed of 9 parents that make up the Parent  Lighthouse Team (parent association).
Meet the Team
Our Team:
President: Paulina Rodríguez 10.1
Vice President: Betsy Ríos 8.1
Secretary: Daniela Bazoberry 1.2
Sub Secretary: Melissa Cubas 7.2
Communication: María del Rocío López Pk3
Fiscal: Leyda Molinar 1.1
Treasurer: Susana Aguinaga 10.2
Vocal 1: Chantelle Bezuidenhout 5.2
Vocal 2: Zaheda Bhiku 5.1