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Welcome BSI Parents!

BSI Parents at 2022 graduation


At Boston International School, parents and students are the heartbeats of our wolf pack. Throughout the year, they work endlessly to build and strengthen connections within our community; they are our eyes and ears for everything that happens in Panama. So, as a new coming BSI Parent, your support is essential for the success of our school! 


We chose the color orange to represent our BSI parents because orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.  It is associated with joy and sunshine and represents enthusiasm, creativity, determination, success, and encouragement. Our parents personify these characteristics and more. With our collaboration this year, we can truly make a difference at the school and in the lives of children.


When it comes to securing devices, we are left with the daunting task of being computer experts. Simply, computer makers do not place a great emphasis on child safety. We find that, even though some have parental controls, we need to take extra steps to fill the loopholes.
In my opinion,
If you have a child in Early Learning or Primary, the best option is an Ipad. An Ipad with the latest iOS provides the best parental controls. In addition, your child can use all of our apps for Google education. You do not need to buy a new Ipad. You can buy a refurbished one in excellent condition. The important thing is to make sure it has a 64-bit processor. The 64-bit processor is necessary to run modern apps. What is a 64-bit processor? It is a modern processor that provides more capabilities. When purchasing your refurbished Ipad, make sure that it comes with the A7 processor or greater. Simply ask the salesperson to confirm the processor type.
Here are a few options:
Device/OS Parental Control Rating Comments
Ipad 4.8/5 Best option!
Apple Macbook and desktops 4.5/5 Reliable and allows app blocking.
Android Tablet 4/5 The controls vary based on the make and model.
Windows Laptops and desktops 2.5/5 Try to move them to another device! Controls are unreliable due to the constant windows updates.