Welcome to First Grade!

Hello there and welcome!
My name is Nicole Sandoval and I'm the co-teacher for 1st grade. I was born in Chile and my hobbies include drawing, animating, playing the keyboard, and many more. I'm currently finishing my animation degree in Universidad Latina de Panama and in the near future, I will be pursuing a career in education. After my first year working at Boston School International, I realized that I could make a difference and impact the lives of students. I believe that we should make classrooms a safe place for students to become risk-takers, encourage curiosity, and above all to enjoy learning. 
"I want to build a bridge for children - a bridge between what we are doing in class and the lives that they lead outside of class. I want to be able to show kids how each skill I teach in class makes life right now better outside of class." -Cornelius Minor
I'm excited about this upcoming academic year and I can't wait to meet you all!
Kind regards,
Teacher Nikky