Hi Parents, welcome to BSI!!


"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."   

― Albert Einstein


My name is Ana Raquel and I am one of the newest members of the BSI family. I am delighted to meet you all! I am Mrs. Aquelmi's co-teacher for PK3. Working with kids is something that I love and luckily get to do daily!


I was born in Panama and completed my schooling at the Oxford School and IPA (Panamerican Institute). Then, I studied Visual Arts at the University of Panama, another one of my passions. I served as an Art teacher for summer courses at the Universidad del Arte Ganexa. I also did volunteer work in El Salvador for a nonprofit organization called Fundamundo caring for children with special needs. Once I returned to Panama, I taught several art workshops for kids at Huellas, a workshop company.


I consider myself to be a knowledgeable individual in the area of Early Learning. In PK-3, you can expect us to provide your child with a great foundation, full of lessons that they will carry and grow with throughout their life. We will give them the tools to be explorers, responsible inquirers, leaders in their environment; ultimately, beautiful little human beings. And let's not forget the fun...we will have lots and lots of fun!!


We hold close to our hearts the trust deposited in our hands and are fully prepared and excited to go on this journey with our little ones!!!




Ana Raquel Figueroa

PK-3 Co-Teacher