Sergio Bernal

Hello, everyone!
This is my first year being part of the wolf pack here in BSI and I am very excited about all the fun we are going to have while we learn math. I am a civil engineer working in the construction and project management industry and have been a Chemisty, Physics and Math Tutor for over 3 years. 
At BSI, my primary goal is to teach our students about the importance of math in our everyday lives in an evironment of respect, trust and constant communication with both: parents and students. 
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  • Parents curious about my experience and the things I'm passionate about in teaching
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I am Sergio Bernal Díaz and I am a civil engineer graduated from the  Universidad Tecnologica de Panama as magna cum laude
I am also winner of the National Olympiads of Physics and Chemistry in high school, and they are a sign of my interest in knowledge. But I am also a person extremely committed to the personal and academic training of my students. That's why I know that now that I have had this opportunity to have students in my charge in the 7th to 10th math courses, I will be able to help them reach their full potential to be very successful people.
Throughout my life, I have worked in the construction sector as Construction Project Management, I have been a Chemistry, Physics, Calculus and Math tutor for students from many schools and Universities, I have trained students for the Math and Physics Olympiads here in Panama and I have been in shows of acting and improv in the USA and Spain.
Yes, acting. Throughout my life I have realized that it is vital for the personal satisfaction of people (children and adults) that we do not focus only on the academic part, but on seeing the importance of other parts of life that help us be successful and happy.
My mission as a teacher at Boston School is to create an environment of trust with the student, and to maximize his knowledge in the area of ​​mathematics so that he or she can see that it is not as difficult as it seems and that it is more useful than one may think. I'll see you in class!
Soy Sergio Bernal Díaz y soy ingeniero civil egresado de la Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá con el primer puesto de la universidad.
También soy ganador de las Olimpiadas Nacionales de Física y Química en secundaria, y son muestra de mi interés por el conocimiento. Pero además soy una persona extremadamente comprometida con la formación personal y académica de mis estudiantes. Por eso sé que ahora que he obtenido esta oportunidad de tener estudiantes a mi cargo en los cursos de matemáticas de 7mo a 10mo, podré ayudarlos a alcanzar su máximo potencial para que sean personas de mucho éxito.
A lo largo de mi vida, he trabajado en el sector de la construcción como Administración de Proyectos de Construcción, he sido tutor de química para estudiantes de muchos colegios, he entrenado estudiantes para las olimpiadas de física aquí en Panamá y he estado en shows de actuación e improv en USA y España.
Sí, actuación. A lo largo de mi vida me he dado cuenta que es vital para la satisfacción personal de las personas (pequeños y adultos) que no nos enfoquemos solamente en la parte académica, sino en ver la importancia que tienen otras artistas que nos forman como personas para ser exitosos y felices. 
Mi misión como profesor en el Boston School consiste en crear un ambiente de confianza con el estudiante, y poder maximizar sus conocimientos en el área de matemáticas para que pueda ver que no es tan difícil como parece y que es más útil de lo que piensa. Nos vemos en clases!