Welcome to the Academic Director’s Corner!

Hello BSI Family,

The academic director’s corner is a direct link to the Ministry of Education and BSI school. As an Academic Director, one of my responsibilities is guaranteeing that our entire academic program complies with the required parameters set by the Ministry of Education.  I am also in charge of leading the educational program in a shared and flexible way by supervising, planning, and coordinating academic activities. This ensures that each teacher feels encouraged and stimulated for optimal performance.


I urge you to develop a communicative environment where tolerance, respect, and empathy become the benchmark we use for our school and to benefit our students. Remember that good communication is key for developing an environment that practices the 7 habits.

The doors of my office will always be open to the entire community and to parents who are the engine of our school.

Greetings and Welcome!

¡Bienvenido al Rincón del Director Académico!


Hola Familia de BSI,


El rincón del director académico es el vínculo directo entre el colegio BSI y el Ministerio de Educación. Como Directora Académica, una de mis responsabilidades es garantizar que todo nuestro programa académico cumpla con los parámetros exigidos por el Ministerio de Educación. También me encargo de liderar el programa educativo de forma compartida y flexible mediante la supervisión, planificación y coordinación de actividades académicas. Esto asegura que cada maestro se sienta animado y estimulado para un desempeño óptimo.


Les insto a desarrollar un entorno comunicativo donde la tolerancia, el respeto y la empatía se conviertan en el punto de referencia que aplicamos en el colegio en beneficio de nuestros estudiantes. Recuerde que una buena comunicación es la clave para desarrollar un entorno donde se practique los 7 hábitos.

Las puertas de mi oficina siempre estarán abiertas para toda la comunidad y para los padres que son el motor de nuestro colegio.


Saludos y Bienvenidos!



Brief personal review


My name is Suzette Antonío.   I am a Panamanian citizen, hardworking, honest, and responsible. I am an only child in my family. After many years of working in the business and commercial sector, I was awakened by a necessity to help others, so I studied education.  I have more than twenty years of experience in the educational field. I would describe it as a mission of love, service, and dedication which left me feeling very grateful.

I have had the opportunity to reach the position of Academic Director thanks to my preparation for this role.