Hello students and parents!

Having a profound knowledge in the sciences is more important nowadays than ever before. But science does not only help us to get a better version of ourselves but is also FUN!
We get to do hands-on models and practical experiments. I am looking forward to a year of exiting science experiences.
Which contents will we learn?
Our journey into the IB sciences starts in 10th grade. 
Chemistry is the science about the elements existing in universe, their composition, properties and transformations. Also chemical concepts are the basis to understand biology on a deeper level.
  Chemistry is a science in which the understanding of many topics depends on others. Very similar to math, if you don't know how to add and subtract you will have problems with fractions, equations, etc.
In 10th grade we lay the foundation and learn about the electrons, which types of bonding exist, what is a mole, chemical equations, states of matter and acids and bases. In 11th grade we learn about organic chemistry and thermodynamics which will then help us with biological questions. In 12th grade we will learn about the speed of chemical reactions, electrochemistry (e.g batteries) and to conclude we will repeat and deepen the topics learned over the course of the 2 years. 
  Biology is all about life and the organisms therein. We use the IB curriculum and aim that all students pass the IB exams in May of 12th grade. In 10th grade, we start with the basic unit of life, the cell and will talk about DNA, genetics and ecology. For 11th grade the students can choose if they want to continue in higher level biology or standard level. Higher level contains 5 additional topics to the standard level content which are either another interesting area or give a deeper view of the standard topic. We continue the course with the topics evolution and a big chapter of human physiology. In 12th grade the students can choose one additional topic (biotechnology, additional human physiology, neuroscience or additional ecology). After that, we will go over the whole course contents again and by that have a crash course for the IB exams.
Will we learn more than content?
Absolutely. Much more than pure subject content matter the skills we are learning in our course. Fostering 21st century skills and a love for the science is what I intend for my students.
-We learn to think critically
-We aim to be able to investigate alone or in groups
-We will be able to judge if information is reliable and if we should trust it
-We will start to express ourselves written and oral in a scientific way
-We will learn how to use the work of others and acknowledge it (citation) 
-We aim to be able to experiment safely in order to prove a hypothesis
-We will practice how to inpterpret data and graphs

-We aim to become better at thinking and planning ahead by using rational arguments and logic


My approach to teaching and learning
I have high expectations from my students because I care for them! I want them to become their best self and want to help them achieve goals they didn't even know they were able to reach. I believe in experiential learning and that true learning reaching the long term memory works with practical activities. Therefore i try to incorporate making models, experiments, videos, infographics  and other creative active activities as much as possible. I reflect and adapt my methods observing my students what works for them and what not. 
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