Welcome to Teacher Carrie's World of English and History

Hello parents!  My name is Carrie Pierce, and I am happy to welcome you.  This year, students in grades 7-10 ELA will be practicing their skills in literacy, as developing writers, and on targeted skills based on the Common Core Standards.  In World History and Geography, students will learn about the history of our world as well as the current geography, both political and topographical, of our world.
My journey in education began with the pursuit of a Master's in Education and a certification in secondary education, with dual content in English and history.  I worked as a history teacher in a middle school in Phoenix, Arizona for four years, before moving on to the high school level where I taught both English and history.  In 2018 I moved to Panama, and worked at an international school in the beaches area before moving to the city and beginning my time with Boston School at the start of the 2019/2020 school year.
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