My name is Julio César Morales, and I am more than happy to welcome you!
That is why, I will help all my students to go beyond the contents that are offered in our Science textbooks. We will use the necessary tools to think scientifically.

All students, from seventh to ninth grade, will learn how to use scientific language through the main Science areas: Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science. I will motivate them to be active and independent learners, to work together and most importantly, to use or apply concepts at different thinking levels.


7th and 8th grade students will be using the Inspire Science Program, a platform with a lot of online resources that will spark critical thinking, inquiry-driven, hands on exploration, and creative solutions to real-world challenges.

9th grade students will be using the MYP Life Science Program, an inquiry-based course. It will use key concepts and related concepts to promote understanding. Each chapter is focused on a topic area in Life Science, one key concept and two or three of the 12 related concepts.

The objectives of MYP Science are categorized into four criteria, which contain descriptions of specific targets that are accomplished as a result of studying MYP Science:

  1.       Knowing and understanding
  2.       Inquiring and designing
  3.       Processing and evaluating
  4.       Reflecting on their impacts of science.

10th Grade students, from the Business Diploma, will be covering three main topics subdivided into different lessons. These three big topics are the following:

  • Foundations of Environmental Systems and Societies
  • Ecosystems and Ecology
  • Biodiversity and Conservation



After more than ten years of teaching, I have changed my philosophy of education based on the students’ needs and interests. Our world changes constantly, new teaching approaches emerge, new technological advances are used, and a new generation of students start their school lives. We can all learn from each other. We are all unique humans, with different ways of learning.


 I firmly believe that for learning to happen in a classroom, each student needs to feel comfortable and secure. Also, students must feel that they are an important part of a great puzzle, our classroom.  That place where values like respect, honesty, and empathy should be always practiced. When I think about my job as a teacher, the one thing that I always appreciate the most, is the relationship I have built with my students. Listening to them, getting to know them as individuals with their own potentials, thoughts, and talents are some of the golden rules I follow daily.

Learning is a process of reflection in which students must be invited to enjoy and challenge themselves to reach their fullest potential. As a teacher, being part of that great process is a gift, because I get the chance to see them grow intellectually, physically, and socially. More than a gift, I would say it is a privilege to impact students’ lives positively.