Integrated Arts Pk3 - 3rd grade

I was born in a Panamanian multicultural family, (Colombian-French, American Orthodox Jews, Spanish) my ancestors came to Panama and we love this country, I consider myself a citizen of the world.                         

 I studied at the “Instituto Superior de Educacion "Dr. Raúl Peña" in Asunción, Paraguay in 1992, to obtain my degree as a Teacher.

In 2016 I participated for the Diploma Program Leadership for transformation. CAF. Development Bank of Latin America / Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua / Instituto de Iberoamérica, University of Salamanca, with the idea of ​​implementing co-curricular activities in public schools in Panama to help children and social areas of high social risk. http: //

I grew up in a family of antiques- arts collectors and sellers. At a very young age i´ve stared to paint because I had that natural gift, Always remember a dialogue with Juan Manuel Cedeño, a Panamanian master of painting very close to my family,He said that "art is seen from the eyes of those who look at it", you don't need to travel if you know how to read and using your imagination takes you to far away places " Like restoring antiques, designing jewelry, painting murals and I love to recycled materials to create things. I am 100% in favor of recycling.

This year I celebrate my 20 years of doing what I love teaching for life from the heart, here in Panama, a beautiful path full with personal and professional joys and satisfactions, which begin at 1999 at Colegio De Las Esclavas, 2010 Oxford International School and since 2017 here at BSI.

As the years go by and I see again my little ones turning into complete and happy adult people.
Well, this is a little bit about me, I think we are always learning from everyone and we must always be proactive and ready to listen to grow and give the best of me to each one

I hope that each one of my students can know all the branches that art has, and see it as a way of expressing feelings.

Know through dance, music, visual art and theater the historical stages, the various techniques, their creators, their precursors, the cultural movements that are the cultural heritage of humanity.
Our performance standards are discipline-specific (dance, media arts, music, visual arts, theater), grade-by-grade articulations of student performance in the arts PK-3rd. As such, performance standards translate anchor standards into specific and measurable learning goals

The arts provide a means for individuals to collaborate and connect with others in an inclusive environment as they create, prepare, and share artwork that brings communities together.

. In general integrated Arts motivate the students to collaborate for:

:• Develop, implement, and communicate new ideas to others effectively.

Be open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives; incorporate group input and feedback into the work.
• Demonstrate originality and inventiveness in work and understand the real world limits to adopting new ideas

  • Exercise flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal.
    • Assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, while valuing the individual contributions made by each team member


Recent research on arts education as it relates to students’ social, emotional, and cognitive developmental needs indicates that arts experiences are consistently found to give students tools to make sense of their world and make connections between disparate ideas, while also making connections between themselves and others

 For these and more reasons the integrated arts help to develop values and 21th century skills necessary for the future for our students.