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I am so pleased to be teaching your child Integrated Arts this year. As you can see the name of the subject has changed and I have taken this opportunity to let you know a little about what we have been working in our school in the means of inducing in the learner an emotional or kinesthetic state.


The term Integrated arts is used to denote the integration of the arts experience into the learning process. The Integrated Arts Experience provides opportunities for the following processes to occur:

perceptual cognition: defined as the ability to identify and process environmental information, and integrate them with pre-existing knowledge and motor capabilities, to select and execute adequate actions

metaphorical modes of thinking: is a substitutional mental process in which implicit comparisons are made between qualities of objects which are usually considered in separate classifications.

Use of Alternative Forms of Communication: used instead of or along with talking. These alternative forms of communication can help children take in and understand messages, as well as express their thoughts and ideas with others.

I teach from the perspective that all of us are creative beings, though not necessarily creating in the same way. I have high expectations for each student but I recognize that all of us learn, create, and express ideas in different ways. How sad it would be to live in a world where it was all the same. I encourage students to seek their own unique creative mode and to interpret ideas in ways that most appeal to their own creative nature. Initially, we will focus on some basic skills.


Please be assured that I do not expect students to paint like Rembrandt, sing like Pavarotti nor dance like JLo. It is far more important that they learn to appreciate the arts and the act of creating, presenting, performing & responding is mainly about problem-solving skills. We are not all experts but we are all creative and there is always a back door that can take us in if we are having a rough start.


I do not anticipate problems that cannot be worked out in a spirit of cooperation. I have been careful to explain my expectations to the whole class. All the main information about the class will be posted on the website as well as in their google classroom. 

Your child is important to me. You as well are important to me especially in maintaining an orderly and safe learning environment. I look forward to meeting you at the open house next week.



Thank you,

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Bonnie Gomez de Famiglietti
Integrated Arts Teacher (Grades 4-10 Commerce)
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