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Cafeteria Boston School International Panama The Cave

At our BSI Cafeteria, your child’s health means a lot to us.  This is why we are passionately committed to offering a high-quality menu and products.


In our daily menu, we offer different options, including breakfast, vegetarian meals, soup of the day, and different salads.

Our ingredients and products are fresh, daily made and of premium quality. We provide fresh bread and our soups are made without milk. We use mostly extra virgin olive oil and soy oil.


We base our menu on the children’s likes, but we primarily try to offer them a healthy, varied and balanced menu. For this reason, we adopted the “sneaky food” alternative in order to make the food appealing to all kids.


The monthly menu will be posted here, so the parents will have time to review and place orders. If parents prefer to send food from home, we have microwaves available for heating food. Please send the food in microwave-safe containers.


Thank you for visiting the Cave.