Virtual Inter-House Sports Day

I hope you all are having lots of fun with the virtual classes.
Since this week we couldn't have our Inter-House Sports Day, we have come up with a really great idea to keep up school and house spirit! A Virtual Inter-House Sports Tournament!
We have created a Google Classroom specifically for the tournament challenges in which you will have to record yourself doing a specific exercise as many times as you can for 30 seconds. Coaches will be sending you the info via Google Classroom. You will have to say your name and last name, your house, your grade, and also specify which challenge you are doing at the moment (since you will receive many different ones).
For each approved challenge by the Tournament Committee, you will earn 5 points for your house.
*Some challenges ARE compulsory*
There will also be extra bonus points in case you want to be proactive and collaborate with your house to earn more points and win the tournament. The videos will be suggested by the coaches and you will also be able to create your own if you want (just one though). The bonus videos will receive 5 points per challenge.
Each challenge will count as a category for the event. All of them will receive a digital award for the best athletes.
Digital Awards and points for each category:
1st Place (20 points)
2nd Place (15 points)
3rd Place (10 points)
4th Place (5 points)
We also encourage teachers and parents to upload their challenges and compete for their houses!
Make sure you check your Virtual Inter-House Google Classroom!
Please find the rules attached to this link.
Stay home and keep washing your hands!
Warm regards,
Tournament Committee