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Learn All About Fractions with Janis Heigl! Featured Photo

Learn All About Fractions with Janis Heigl!

Janis Heigl is a renowned specialist in Mathematics. With over forty years of experience in the education field, she traveled the world training educators on strategies to help make Math accessible to everyone. She coined the phrase "We all have mathematics inside our brain, we just have to wake it up". Janis visited our campus last year where she trained our faculty on the "The Number Corner" program, as part of "Bridges" Math, for our professional development. Her strategies were fun and engaging yet challenging enough to awaken the Mathematician in us all. This time, it is all about fractions with Janis Heigl. She is truly passionate about her work and we gladly welcome her with open arms at BSI. To learn more about her program visit:
Science Fair Day! Featured Photo

Science Fair Day!

BSI's Science Fair will take place on February 28th for Early Learning and Primary School; and April 1st to 5th for Secondary School. We hope to see a great number of parents come to the fair. We are always very impressed by what our students are able to prepare for this day. We will be sending the schedule for these events soon! Please be sure to attend!